03 February 2010


My friend Colette at Raw Art Letterpress just finished Breathe. I'm honored that her inspiration for this print was my new blog and new book.

Breathe is one of many striking word prints Colette sells on Etsy. Her process is unique:

"i developed a quirky letterpress process that i call 'raw art letterpress' this print is made from a hand-cut plate, the letters are cut individually and the print is quite literally pressed by hand - this adds up to a few quirks: sometimes the plates are not perfectly square, the borders are (meant to be) rough, the ink coverage is different for every print."

The inky area of this print is 4.25 x 6.25 inches on 5 x 7-inch paper. It's an unframed, signed, limited-edition print. Costs only $9. I'm ordering one now.
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