06 February 2010


A haunting underwater music video by Lhasa de Sela, who died last month of breast cancer at the age of 37. Her dusky soulful voice will be missed. Descanse en paz.

Con Toda Palabra (a partial, rough translation) With Every Word
Con toda palabra
Con toda sonrisa
Con toda mirada
Con toda caricia

Me acerco al agua
Bebiendo to beso
La luz de tu cara
La luz de tu cuerpo

Es ruego el quererte
Es canto de mudo
Mirada de ciego
Secreto desnudo

Me entrego a tus brazos
Con miedo y con calma
Y un ruego en la boca
Y un ruego en la alma
With every word
With every smile
With every look
With every caress

I draw near the water
Drinking your kiss
The light of your face
The light of your body

To love you is a prayer
The mute song
The blind gaze
The naked secret

I entrust myself to your arms
With fear and with calm
And a prayer in my mouth
And a prayer in my soul
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