08 June 2010


There are many reasons to love the French and Guillaume Nery just moved to the top of my list.

The film is part fiction, composited from four days of dives and multiple dives per day at a blue hole in the Bahamas. But that only makes it more lovely, afloat on art rather than fact. From Outdoor:
"We just wanted to show another approach of freediving," Nery explained. "For me freediving means to be in harmony with the elements, it means freedom, it means exploring the unknown. We tried to express this feeling in one video."
Julie Gautier, a French freediving champion and model, who filmed the dives while freediving herself, wrote on her blog: "Our goal was to emphasize on aesthetic images and innovative camera moves."

This National Geographic photo is of the Great Blue Hole in Lighthouse Reef, Belize. 
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