11 June 2010


This teaser for Jason Wingrove's documentary on the Australian ocean pool culture in Sydney was filmed at the famous Bondi Icebergsa club founded in 1929 for winter swimming. 

(BTW, the video is really worth watching in HD on Vimeo.)

Bondi Icebergs, photo from here.

There used to be a lot more lidos in the world than there are now—though there is something of a rebirth underway.

Photo of a beach in Australia, 1958, by John Dominis, from the LIFE photo archive on Google.

According to Wikipedia, a major breakthrough in lido revival took place in 2005 when English Heritage published Liquid Assets: The Lidos and Open Air Pools of Britain. Author Janet Smith spent years swimming in lidos around the country and her book explored the past, present, and future of open air pools. This, in turn led to two major conferences in 2006: "Reviving Lidos" and "Making a Splash."

Long-running—in one case, 20-plus-yearcampaigns have resulted in the reopening of London Fields; Droitwich Spa Lido; Brockwell Lido; Clifton Lido; and Woodgreen Pool.

Be nice to see Sutro Baths in San Francisco reopen someday...

With or without a roof.
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