16 August 2010


*Parental discretion advised.* Beautifully filmed short by artist Herman Kolgen. Interestingly subversive. Might not be suitable viewing for all ages or for the deeply squeamish of any age. From Kolgen's Vimeo description:

A human body is injected in a cistern. Over the course of 45 minutes, the pressure of the liquid exerts upon him multiple neurosensorial transformations. From his epidermal fiber to his nervous system, he reacts to influxes of viscosity in this liquid chamber. His cortex, lacking oxygen, gradually loses all notions of the real. Like a human guinea pig: a matter-body whose psychological states are the object of kinetik tableaux, of singular temporal spaces. The genesis of the principal visual material for this project was a shoot in an immense cistern filled with water, which lasted six consecutive days. Yso had to be immersed for over eight hours a day in the glass tank, oscillating between weightlessness and lack of oxygen. With the aid of various digital video recording and photographic systems Kolgen assembled many series of temporal sequences, images that he then assembled into a flexible and modular body. It’s a matter of a narrative progression, in perpetual circles of influence and movement, where the real is in dislocation.

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