30 August 2010


I remember as a little kid going to beaches like this on the New Jersey shore. Well, maybe not quite like this.

Fabulously honest camera work, sly editing, set to the tune La Mer by the great chanteur Charles Trénet.


Here's Charles Trénet singing his song himself later in his career. Apparently he wrote the song in 10 minutes in 1943 on toilet paper aboard a train running along the Mediterranean coast.

Bobby Darin did an English-language cover called Beyond the Sea in 1959. Totally different song.

The evolution continued with this video set to Beyond the Sea, sung by Robbie Williams.

Not the same song, except in name. A hypnotic beauty by Nine Inch Nails.

An even more hypnotic stop-motion video of the NIN song.

Before there were talkies, Louis Lumière produced this 1895 silent film called La Mer.

La mer, she inspires us.

(Photo of Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, from here.)
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