16 August 2010


At readings of late people have been asking me whether or not I eat seafood, or what seafood I will eat, and what advice to I have to give in general about consuming food from the sea. I summarize the evolution in my own thinking. (I believe there will be a video of one of those summaries online soon and will post it when it goes up.)

When I watched this extraordinary film by Darek Sepiolo, shot in the Galápagos, I found myself moved by everything it says without words. Everything I don't feel I've been able to say as well as I'd like. I've had encounters with all the animals in this film in the wild, many in the Galápagos. Why would I want to eat them? I would not go on safari in Africa and eat lion or elephant at dinner afterward.

(Photo from here.) 

I'm not completely seafood free. Still fall to the temptations of invertebrates, namely local oysters and mussels, at times.

The video, btw, has an awesome score by Hans Zimmer and deserves to be heard on a sound system or headphones conducive to bass.

Also go to Vimeo and watch it in HD. A treat.
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