04 September 2010


This video of a crab, an octopus, and the octopus' brood was shot by a Canadian crew and posted on the NeptuneCanada YouTube channel. From their blog entry:

18 May 2010: At ODP 889 (1256m [4,120 ft] below the sea surface), we happened upon an abandoned rice cooker or crock-pot and screwdriver upon which sat a large crab. The ROPOS pilot carefully opened the lid. Inside, we discovered a mother octopus with her brood of eggs! Collaborating scientist suggested adopting this creature as the Bubbly Gulch mascot. We're calling her "Kraki."

There seems to be some uncertainty as to whether the brood chamber is a rice cooker or a crock pot. I'm going to hazard a guess that the deep ocean octopus nursery is none other than this rice cooker (or a close relative), manufactured by Cuckoo Electronics Co, Ltd of South Korea.

Cuckoo is proud of its cookers. Gloriously, their business philosophy dovetails perfectly with the needs of the cephalopod home world:

CUCKOO has been expanding and creating new markets domestically and internationally by offering technically advanced and reliable products. At CUCKOO, we promise to manufacture innovative and high quality small home appliances, which offer value to our customer's lifestyle. CUCKOO has been trying to make ourselves reborn as a capable and reliable company by actively coping with changes in economy and technology and by steadily pursing goal-oriented management.

As promised, Cuckoo's technically-advanced and reliable cooker has already made an international impact in waters 8,000 km/5,000 miles from South Korea, to a point west of Vancouver Island off British Columbia. Here, at a site cryptically known as ODP 889, on a seafloor otherwise bereft of octopus homes, a house has miraculously and inexplicably dropped from out of the blue, complete with loyal watchcrab and screwdriver for repairs.

When the day comes that cephalopods rule the world, this frontier homestead will be remembered as the stuff of empire-building myth, Kraki will be the heroic progenitor... and CUCKOO will be the god who made it all possible. CUCKOO and his sidekick, the Mechanical Tentacle.

(Photo by NeptuneCanada on Flickr.)

(Photo from here.)
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