01 April 2011


(Photo via Think Geek.)

From Think Geek, the exciting news today that the sea monkeys living in Mono Lake, California, are eating the arsenic-fueled bacteria recently discovered by NASA scientists.

Better yet, you can now grow these dream pets from Instant Live Eggs in your very own own Sea Monkey® habitat. And you can WATCH THEM NOSH ARSENIC—The King of Poisons!—in your spare time.

Because of this cryptobiosis and the fact that Sea Monkeys breed at an alarming rate, we have tons of eggs which we can now offer to all of you. That's right, you can get your very own Arsenic-Based Sea Monkeys today!

Straight from Mono Lake (just like GFAJ-1), these Arsenic-Based Sea Monkeys are 100% pure science and 100% fun, which means 200% awesome for you!

The paper:

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