02 November 2011


1657. Jan Janssonius. Dutch. Showing hints of southern coastlines labelled 'Terra Australis Incognita.'

1714. French. Guillaume de L'Isle. Antarctica empty.

1739. Philippe Buache. French. Showing two Antarctic land masses, New Zealand connected to Antarctica, and Australia connected to New Guinea.

1777. Thomas Bowen. British. Showing the 'Track of his Majesty's Sloop
Resolution in Search of a Southern Continent.'

1818. John Pinkerton. US. Antarctica missing again.

1855. J. H. Colton. US. Showing partially sketched details of the 'Southern Regions.'

1894. Scottish. Real features getting named, including ocean currents.

1912. German. From Stielers Handatlas. Suddenly, details.

1920s. Showing 'unexplored regions,' focus on expedition routes.

1922. John Bartholomew. UK. Limited but exquisite detail.

1934. US. Focusing on the Byrd Expedition.

1972. H.C. Berann. US. Showing Antarctica in context with the seafloor.

2006. UK. Showing Antarctica without the ice.

2006. Dave Pape. Stitched satellite view.

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