13 July 2012


Water isn't the only thing flowing around islands. Clouds, storms, plankton, sand, dust, and volcanic eruptions stream past too.
Semisopochnoi Island (right), Little Sitkin Island (left) and Amchitka Island (bottom), Aleutian Islands, Alaska, North Pacific. Credit: NASA Earth Observatory.

Akimiski Island, Nunavut, Canada, Hudson Bay. Credit: NASA Earth Observatory.
Canary Islands, North Atlantic, with Saharan dust. Credit: NASA Earth Observatory.

Iceland, North Atlantic, with low pressure system. Credit: NASA Visible Earth.
Ireland, North Atlantic, with phytoplankton blooms. Credit: NASA Earth Observatory.

Isla Fernandina with erupting volcano, Isla Isabela, Galápagos Islands, Pacific Ocean. Credit: NASA Earth Observatory.
Juan de Nova Island, Mozambique Channel, Indian Ocean, with coral reefs flowing off underwater flanks. Credit: NASA Johnson Space Center.
Jan Mayen Island, Greenland Sea, with cloud vortices. Credit: NASA.

Bimini, Bahamas, North Atlantic, with deep Gulf Stream flowing northward on the left, shallow calcium carbonate banks on the right. The island is the setting for part one of Ernest Hemingway's novel Islands in the Stream. Credit: NASA.

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